Expo 2015, a real innovation incubator

Expo 2015 was not only a significant global event, but also an amazing catalyst for innovation. It showcased key technologies for global socio-economic growth – as Israel with its unflooded rice fields – but it was also an incubator for innovative ideas. Some of them are long-lasting. Like Mobility Center – a company established within the business incubator Cascina Triulza – that enabled over 15,000 people with limited mobility to visit Universal Exposition using electric mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs. A method which will be repeated in other major events or in large public spaces.
Even the teams selected by the USA Pavilion, as part of the ‘Feeding the Accelerator‘ project, are in the running to become protagonists: ranging from new agricultural models through floating platforms that allow the intensive farming and water purification using solar energy thanks to the Italian company PNAT, to instruments directed to the wholesale market to help farmers and artisans to sell in a more efficient way and keep users more informed through a cloud platform of the American enterprise Foodtrace. And these are just two of the ten entrepreneurs teams selected by the American pavillion, as part of project curated by AtelierSlice and Microsoft in collaboration with FedEx, PepsiCo, Illy and Copernicus. Even San Marino, in a small way, made its contribution with incubator Techno Science Park San Marino-Italia.
At last, the Italian proposal. At Palazzo Italia there was a room with many showcases, each of which was a project in progress. A conglomeration of Italian ingenuities, that turned obstacles into ideas that will change (or could change) our future. Many – one for each region –  are protagonists of these cases.
The dominant presence of a Tree of Life copy in the center of the room, representing the metaphor of this pavilion, originally completes the Italian reply to Expo 2015 questions, ranging from precision agriculture by the Emilian Coop “Il Raccolto”, from marine basil by the Ligurian Orto di Nemo to biopesticides by the Sardinian Bioecopest, up to App Genius Food by Area Science Park in Trieste, the Italian Silicon Valley.

[Photo: innovation room at Palazzo Italia (www.expo2015.org)]



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