The tangible and intangible legacy of Expo 2015

Every Expo left to host city universal symbols, real business cards. Just think of the Tour Eiffel in Paris, the Atomium in Brussels or the Space Needle in Seattle. This happened many years ago, when the monumental architecture was even more important of the landscape. Expo 2015 will not leave to Milan and its brand a magnificent monument (with all due respect to the Tree of Life), the Milan of the Twenty-First Century extremely changed its skyline, it’s a more modern and cosmopolitan city, greener and eco-friendly, with more efficient and innovative infrastructures. Milan was the center of the world according to tour guides and great international newspapers: just think that in September there was a +35 percent of tourists compared to last year. All this was possible – even indirectly – because of the last Universal Exposition.
It went from the prevalence of tangible legacy to the intangible one. So, Expo 2015 left several intangible legacies:

– the know-how as result of six months of work, meeting, workshops intended to introduce new points of view and reduce waste;

– the presence of educational elements in each exhibition, event, performance in order to direct the community to make responsible decisions about the production and food consumption;

– all the researches aimed to question the community about the sustainability of economic, social and manufacturing models;

– the spread of knowledge and education on environmental sustainability.

All these topics are represented by the Charter of Milan, signed by more than a million people, real Expo 2015 legacy, which, even in the introduction, equalizes the lack of sufficient, nutritious and healthy food, clear water and energy to a violation of human dignity. It seems expected, but it is not that. And today it’s in black and white. During these six months it was ‘seeded’ a lot, now it’s necessary to wait how it will work.

[Source by www.expo2015.org]



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