Ceramica Sant’Agostino part of the DNA of Costellazione

Costellazione is a great artwork in progress and its DNA is represented by signed tiles. There is an Italian company that provided this important raw material and is located in Emilia, land of furnaces; but, while most of these factories are assembled in the areas of Modena and Imola, it is in the Province of Ferrara, specifically in Sant’Agostino. We speak of Ceramica Sant’Agostino (exactly), active since 1964 and still led by the original family.

A company – only Made in Italy – which continually invests in product and process innovation, and designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality products, able to technically and stylistically meet changing market needs. Moreover, it consciously deals with environmental impact issues.

Pottery cycle allows to almost completely recover used materials and, therefore, has a very high environmental sustainability. Thanks to Ecoquality, action program developed by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, the aim is to coordinate all the efforts of the factory in order to obtain the highest quality products, completely respecting the strict European and International regulations on environment, people and consumers protection. Ecoquality is a process that involves the whole company and therefore is ambitious, objectively measurable and ever-changing.

About Costellazione tiles design, it is not a more complex product than the others. The challenge was to manufacture the tiles in the required color, a solid dye but composed of different tonalities: a kind of method certainly more complex than a tile marbled process. Indeed, even if tile is made of a prevalent tonality, it’ll never be discarded because the marble is not uniform by its nature.

Many people ask themselves the decisive question: how long will tiles resist yet? Will varnish flake off? Nothing was left to chance once again: the Costellazione mosaic, despite a large pedestrian movement, borne the high attendance and the weight of users in mind, will resist as much as all signatures put in recent months.

[Photo: detail of potteries [source by www.facebook.com]

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