A corner of genuine Lombardy: Legnano and Busto Arsizio
by Costellazione , 2015-11-13

3468_Museo_del_tessile_e_della_tradizione_industriale_di_Busto_Arsizio_VAA triangle. A corner of genuine Lombardy. We are speaking of the area between A4 motorway southwards,  A8 motorway northwards, and Ticino with its beautiful natural park westwards. Eastern peak of this strip of land is Rho territory. The eastern one is characterized by shores of one of the most charming Italian lake basins: Lake Maggiore. In a westward direction, there is the second busiest airpo...

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Expo, Rho’s cultural legacy too
by Costellazione , 2015-11-09

ex-diana-de-silvaExpo 2015, showcase global and huge sounding board, has brought enormous benefits to the culture of our country, not least because of the high visibility that Italy, Lombardy and metropolitan city of Milan have enjoyed. Even Rho, the epicenter of this 'cultural bombshell', has taken advantage of it. For all the above reasons, just bear in mind the acceleration im...

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Expo 2015, a success beyond expectations
by Costellazione , 2015-11-05

expo-israele-orti-verticaliA success. Set off, say, quietly, Expo 2015 has closed with a bang: from two million 700 thousand visitors on May to 5 million on October. For a total of 21 million 500 thousand guests who have traveled decumanus and cardo, a million and a half more than had been expected. An event which has directed, for six months, the global attention to Milan and Ital...

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Rho and the legacy from Expo
by Costellazione , 2015-11-02

basso-olonaExpo and Rho: a tactfully combination that has worked. Yes, because this world event has not only given the town fame at a global level. Inherited works are many and, often, reasonable: from those received as compensation for the loss of biodiversity, such as maintenance work on Plis del Basso Olona, in Castellazzo, suburb of

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Rho’s new ‘Central Park’
by Costellazione , 2015-10-28

Foto di Anna Maria PutignanoEuropa Park in Rho is a further 'green' mosaic tile that Fiera Milano Foundation wanted to realize following schedule agreement signed by districts of Rho and Pero, Region, Province and Municipality of Mi...

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