The associations feel at home in Rho
by Costellazione , 2015-10-26

associazionismo-rhoThe associations in Rho has solid roots. Especially prosperous. They are represented by the different faces of the parts that, over the decades, were intertwined between themselves, creating a strong trestle of community groups and social organizations. Indeed, it's a totally Milanese peculiarity (for example, the proverb Milan with heart in i...

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Rho, tile of a forward-looking area
by Costellazione , 2015-10-19

MUGGIANIThe large mosaic square, deliberately work in progress, ideal doorway of the Universal Exposition, is situated in the territory of a populous town with curious denomination and complicated etymology: Rho. Big district of the newly established metropolitan city of Milan, Rho is one of the mosaic tile, to stay on the topic, of Mila...

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Magenta, when history becomes color
by Costellazione , 2015-10-15

villa naj oleariIn the constellation of villages that set up metropolitan city of Milan, because of its history stands out the town of Magenta, the site of an Italian textile historical brand, Naj Oleari, established in 1916 by Richard Naj Oleari, a chemist native of Sartirana Lomellina (Pavia). Around the former factory is located Villa Naj Oleari, built in the early Twentieth C...

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