Even VIPs leave their autographs at Piazza Costellazione
2015-12-14 Fabio Carlini

842_4169_tullio-pericoliWe end in style this triptych on Costellazione tiles 'signatories'. From ordinary people, through delegates from the countries of the world, we come to VIPs. Even the s...

Countries of the World in the galaxy of signatures of Costellazione 2015
2015-12-14 Costellazione

837_4139_costellazioneCostellazione 2015, Rho's new square, sort of an international crossroads and indelible proof of confluence of people in Expo 2015, also 'bewitched' the countries of the world. There were many signatures of politicians and envoys from around the world, some of them really unusual. Let's begin the journey. During the National Day of the De...

Rho infrastructure improvement
2015-12-03 Costellazione

809_3638_Rho_MonzaThanks to Expo 2015, Rho had the opportunity of more 'ergonomically' growing; more cycle paths, more green, more liveability. But it was also a breath of fresh air to traditional infrastructures, such as roads and railways. In terms of rail transport, you're moving towards an adaptation and modernization of the Rho-Gallarate railroad, on the

Expo2015, the driving force of Rho employment
2015-11-13 Costellazione

22011042293_42838658f7_zExpo 2015 represented and, in a way, represent - in terms of visibility and infrastructure - a great opportunity in relation to work and employment for northwestern metropolitan city of Milan citizens. Luckily, everything was made in time to not miss this important bus, particularly considering the current financial crisis. Several players acted as 'facilitators' ...

Expo, Rho’s cultural legacy too
2015-11-09 Costellazione

ex-diana-de-silvaExpo 2015, showcase global and huge sounding board, has brought enormous benefits to the culture of our country, not least because of the high visibility that Italy, Lombardy and metropolitan city of Milan have enjoyed. Even Rho, the epicenter of this 'cultural bombshell', has taken advantage of it. For all the above reasons, just bear in mind the acceleration im...

Rho’s new ‘Central Park’
2015-10-28 Costellazione

Foto di Anna Maria PutignanoEuropa Park in Rho is a further 'green' mosaic tile that Fiera Milano Foundation wanted to realize following schedule agreement signed by districts of Rho and Pero, Region, Province and Municipality of Mi...

Rho, tile of a forward-looking area
2015-10-19 Costellazione

MUGGIANIThe large mosaic square, deliberately work in progress, ideal doorway of the Universal Exposition, is situated in the territory of a populous town with curious denomination and complicated etymology: Rho. Big district of the newly established metropolitan city of Milan, Rho is one of the mosaic tile, to stay on the topic, of Mila...